Social Impact Portfolio

What is the Social Impact?

Simply put, Social Impact is the result of an activity, project, or policy that has an impact on people and their communities. The impact can be measured in terms of the benefit it creates or the negative impact it prevents. 

What is the Social Impact Portfolio? 

The Social Impact Portfolio primarily focuses on Affordable Housing across Canada. This fund purchases and operates multi-family apartment buildings, charging rent at or below affordable rates as determined by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Performance is measured on the financial return to investors and the social return, delivering lower rents to tenants.

Who is the

Typical Investor? 

Investors in one of our social impact portfolios will likely be a socially minded investor, a charitable or community foundation, religious institution, or trust with a 10+ year investment horizon. 

Investments in a social impact portfolio holding real estate could be positioned as an alternative to other fixed-income positions within a balanced portfolio. This is based on your tolerance and capacity for risk. Contact a Qube representative for more information.

Qube's Social Impact Portfolio

You can access more detailed information from Qube's team; please consult professional advice prior to investing to ensure your investment is appropriate based on your tolerance for risk. 


For more information, please contact us.

Lead Portfolio Manager: Ian Quigley, MBA
Investor Relations Contact: Michael Baker, MBA