Since 2000, Qube has been shaped by our mission to 'Make It Matter'At Qube, we endeavour to deliver returns to our investors while benefiting the world at large.

Private Equity is our opportunity to make it matter in the private markets; investing in social impact opportunities and non-resource based companies. 


Own a piece of the whole picture. 


We pride ourselves on our academic-centric approach to investing.

For over 20 years, Qube has been balancing traditional research techniques with modern portfolio science, allowing our team to find companies that demonstrate and maintain solid investing fundamentals. In 2020, using these same techniques, Qube began evaluating private companies and real estate assets. All with an emphasis on finding private investment opportunities with long-term upside.


We look for stable assets that can be improved or amalgamated to grow revenue and efficiency. By focusing on precise operational planning, the focus is on increasing our investments bottom line in order to deliver returns to our investors over a 5-10 year investment horizon. 

All investors of Qube Private Equity are required to be Accredited Investors pursuant to NI 45-106. Minimum capital investment required is $250,000 of non-registered funds.